Sunday, June 23, 2013

Let's Be Honest, I am not a Blogger

This photo is from the moment I stepped off the train at Penn
Station in NYC in 2009. My first glimpse of the big city!
Wide eyed and innocent, with my unpublished little “work in progress” clutched in hand, at the edge of crowded streets full of whizzing cars, pedestrians in their own little worlds, texting and chatting away, shouting officers telling you what you can and cannot do, here I stand, ready to take my first step into the crazy metropolis known as the Blogosphere (Blogosphere, really?).

Confession: I know nothing about blogging, and I'm not about to pretend that I do. Here is my very limited experience: 
  • Yeah, I write informative blogs for the company I currently am employed with.
  • Yeah, I used to run our retail store's website which I set up as a blog for easy updates, along with a blog featuring contests and quirky posts for the candy company I helped create.
  • Yeah, I used to run a fan site with fan fiction from other authors and updates, similar to a blog, but not quite there.
  • Yeah, wrote RPG character diaries for years and years and years, which I guess could be likened to a fictional “blog,” but the writing quality of those mimicked teenage kids, and let's face it, I was an inexperienced teenage writer myself back then. In short: they’re awful (but great for character building...of the fictional kind!)
  • Yeah, I went through that teenage attention-seeking phase of “Live Journal,” ranting and rambling about anything and everything that bothered me at school so that my friends could read and comment with they’re sympathies. So glad I wised up and realized how stupid that was by the time I was, oh, I don’t know, twenty? Sheesh.

But all of the aforementioned experiences encompass an entirely different realm and hardly make me qualified to call myself a blogger. Wait, blogger? Scratch that. No. I detest the term blogger. Sorry guys, I think the word 'BLOG' is a ridiculous. It's like, who came up with that term? Were they having a stroke?

Okay, that was really mean, I apologize. And, in all fairness, I just looked it up on Wikipedia - it’s from the words web log (secretly, I think at some point in the past I knew that and just forgot). So I forgive the term, it’s cute. Like Squirtle from Pokémon cute (if you don't know Pokémon, Squirtle is a turtle with water squirting powers).

So, starting with my twitter writing buddies, and hopefully expanding from there, here is the beginning of my new blog. I know the design is basically jacked from my Twitter account (what? I thought it was pretty, thank you Twitter for the temporary background), I'll fix that, in time. I'm actually a little excited to get back to my web roots and break up the usual monotony by playing around with some html and entries. Still, I do not want to be called a blogger, because I am not. I’m a writer.

My name is Jackie, and welcome to my blog :-P


  1. Hey Jackie!

    You need to have a way for people to subscribe to your blog or follow it. There's a way to add that to your sidebar. :)

    Welcome to the BLOGOSPHERE! lol

  2. I added some things I saw on your blog for following people! Thank you!!

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  4. The more writers who enter the blogosphere, the better! Happy to have found your blog! Let the adventure begin!


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