Sunday, August 24, 2014

Help find a cure for ALS with the Ice Bucket Challenge

On Friday I accepted the #icebucketchallenge from my sister, Ginna, thank you for the nomination! I nominated my friends Beth, Caitlin, and Sophie. ....
I love how this challenge has raised so much money ($70.2 million as of today, Aug 24 14) and that we're all able to get on board to help other people. Hopefully we look back on this experience and say, that's how we banned together to raise enough money and we found a cure!

The ice bucket part is just the "fun" part of it, what really matters are the donations. Whether or not you've been nominated, please donate, and if you need convincing, watch this video, here

Anyway, here is my entirely embarrassing video, if I did it, you can too!

And FYI, the results of my video were....
  • Beth took the ice bucket challenge and donated but we did not video hers (though I can vouch, I poured the ice water!).
  • Caitlin also took the ice bucket challenge and donated, she nominated her sister and two of our friends (one of which already has completed the challenge and nominated her three, the other two are still within the 24 hour window).
  • and Sophie opted to donate instead. 
With millions of people doing this, and seeing how in less than 48 hours how many people were involved in just my sister's alone, it explains why this is outrageously viral and totally awesome!

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