Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Michelle Madow, Diamonds in the Rough Released!

My Book-and-Face with
Diamonds in the Rough
Michelle Madow

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Click HERE for photos of the Baltimore Book Release Party.

I loved this book. The Diamond sisters' world is so much fun and so full of drama, it's the perfect escape after a long school day or work day. It is the second installment of the Secret Diamond Sisters' story. You really should read book one before you read this book, but if you don't, the author does a good job bringing new readers up to speed. Either way, you are going to LOVE this book!
So far, from Michelle Madow, we've gotten the Transcend Time Saga and the Secret Diamond Sisters, and I have to say, each book gets better. She has really grown as a writer and while I loved all of her other books, this one is my favorite.

Get ready, because there are some huge, juicy secrets dropped in this book that you're not going to believe. My favorite stories surprise me. I love the twists and turns that are thrown at the reader, but I especially love how going back to book one, there are hints of what's to come dropped on you, and you don't even know you're reading them at the time.

Just like book one, this story is told from four distinct points of view, the three Diamond girls, and Madison Lockhart (the resident `Mean Girl' of the Goodman School), and I love each point of view. The heart of the stories I like best are ones with no clear villain, so even good characters do bad things, and you care about the "bad guys." The author definitely pulls that off here! There's not always a clear right or wrong. Everyone has his/her own well developed issues, and they don't always make the good decision. I won't give spoilers, but I love all of the characters in this book, and there are a ton of characters, but they're very easy to keep straight. They are all unique with their own unique relationships to each of our protagonists.

Once I started reading, I couldn't stop, and I was dreading how fast I was getting through each page because once it's over, it's over and you're stuck waiting for the next.... I can't wait to see what's in store for book three!

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I also had the chance to go to the pre-release book party in Baltimore, to hear Michelle speak about her books and also get signed copies! Click HERE for photos of the Baltimore Book Release Party.

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