Friday, January 16, 2015

Completely Random, Non Writing Related, Friday Photos

Today's suggestion for the Ultimate Blog Challenge was to share a photo. Because I have been so busy, I am taking them up on the suggestion.

Over the summer, I spent time visiting my friend's farm. They have/had cows, horses, lambs, and cats. I can't wait till it warms up and I can go back and visit again....!

So, for the two pictures I'm they are....

First, to absolutely make your heart melt, here is a picture of a baby, miniature cow. His name is Oakley, and he is ADORABLE. You should see the videos of him playing with the cat and running around like a little wild man...!

And, if that was not cute enough. Here is a day old cow. His name is Oreo. He grew up, and isn't at the farm anymore, but was a very fun surprise the day he arrived!

Just take a look at that little face and then tell me you still want to eat veal :-P

Anyway, sorry for the random post! Just wanted to share!

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