Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year 2015 ... "The Future" is Finally Here!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome to 2015!
Sign I drew :)

So, to any of you Back to the Future fans who will get the significance....2015 is finally here! And I must admit that I've definitely been chilling on the couch most of today, attempting to regain energy from last night's festivities, and watching the trilogy. While Marty and Doc won't technically grace our century until October of this year, my family and our friends celebrated a little early, dressing up, decorating, and making Back to the Future themed food last night as we rang in the new year.

Now, "how does this pertain to your blog about writing?" you ask. Well, I am writing a time travel trilogy as well, and there are definitely a few Back to the Future references sprinkled in there for any fellow fans. Originally, my series took place in 2015 (and the year 2000), back when my friend and I started working on the initial idea in 2006. As the story morphed into what it is becoming now, I had to push back the dates to 2020. However, 2015 is still going to play an important part in the entire series, as this is the year I plan to find an agent, and begin the publishing process.

Back to Back to the Future....So we decorated the home, we had people come dressed-up as Marty, Doc, Jennifer, Lorraine, Western Marty, Prom Goers, 50s gals, Greasers, and more! People brought meatloaf and potatoes, baked beans, pizza bagels (you know, to rehydrate). We put around fliers and faxes.....Read on to see a few of some of the fun decorations/food we concocted!

Welcome Home Uncle Joey
Cake baked and designed by Mom!
Enchantment Under the Sea
Poster I painted 
Note below the TV
The sign originally arrived at the party with Bagel Bites

Biffs Auto Detailing
Doc's Flux Capacitor Drawing from 1955
You know, right after he fell?

Doc Brown, Grave from 1885
Save the Clock Tower!
Posters and Donations Can
Hopefully this is not the last BTTF celebration of ours, looking to do something in October. If you're planning your own party, hopefully some of our ideas will inspire you!

Thanks for reading, and WELCOME TO THE FUTURE.



  1. What a creative idea! And the photos are great illustrations for your post.

  2. Jacqueline, I love your BTTF theme for a New Year's Eve party celebration! How cool! I'm not a party type of person for New Year's Eve, but I like the idea of having a themed party and I may plan something like this for future parties this year. Great pics, by the way. I may just have to break out the BTTF trilogy and watch it all over again! LOL

  3. Thanks, Aletha!! You should!!!! It was on ABC Family all day today :)


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