Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What is this?! Share your ideas in a story or poem!

So my mom found these tracks in our backyard. We don't live in the woods, we're smack in the middle of suburbia, and we have a fenced in yard. Whatever it was came from the street, climbed the fence, ran across the yard and the tracks stop at a tree.

I posted on Facebook and asked everyone what this beast could be, I've gotten back grizzly, deer-bear, dear, buck, possum, wampa, rabbit, cat, cougar, werewolf, red fox, grey fox....

What do you think it could be? I'd love to see some flash fiction or poetry showing your ideas! Please leave in the comments, or comment with your link!


  1. The one with the hand next to it looks like rabbit tracks. but then the other picture shows two sets of tracks... two rabbits?

  2. How interesting! Maybe a chupacabra? ;) Where do you live?

  3. Wonders we can not explain hope to never be claimed. Your wanted a poem. Not the best, but I did it. Did you make sure it came out of the tree?


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