Saturday, September 5, 2015

I'm finally doing the 7/7/7 Challenge!

I have been nominated a few times, thank you to these three lovely ladies who nominated me!

Michelle Guerrero -- Whose 7/7/7 reminds us that the Internet knows all.
Andrea Contos -- Whose 7/7/7 makes me want to know so much more about Dreaming.
and Linda Simoni-Wastila -- Whose 7/7/7 is quite intense!

First of all, I wanted to tag twenty-one people, because ...don't I get to do that if I was nominated three times? Right? ....I guess not.....but a lot of my nominees have already been scooped up. Though, I still can't fit everyone in just seven *cry.* So, I hope those I've tagged can all play along :)

So, what is this 7/7/7 challenge, you ask? (Or don't ask, because you've already been tagged a bunch of times and done it, and you're like, c'mon, Jackie, get with the shoulda done this a week ago...!)

When you're tagged you do the following.

1) Go to page seven on a WIP*
2) Go to line seven on that page.
3) Copy the next seven lines and paste them onto a blog entry.
4) Then tag seven more people!

Easy right? So here it goes!

*(I say "a WIP" because I am not sure how this works, but if your current WIP is agented and you can't post from it -- maybe post something else you have in the works!)


Actually, I am okay with what this landed on, and I was very nervous about sharing anything from my book.. But it's sort of the heart of the opening that people would know from the get-go, well, in terms of plot at least. P.S. Note, I changed one word (him to dad) in order to give it context for you guys!


If she continued to protest, Tim would use it as an excuse to call her a drama-queen  She dropped her hands into her lap and sighed. “Fine.”
“This man told me he knew a way we would be able to save dad.” He paused. “He said there’s a way to travel in time.”

Daisy laughed.


And, in words stolen from Michelle Guerrero....I throw down the gauntlet to.....

1) Casie Bazay - My new awesome CP! Thanks #Pitchwars!
2) Michelle Madow - A great listener when I need to vent about writing problems.
3) Joanna Meyer - A twitter friend who I just LOVE and she sent me an awesome interview for the Process Project, coming soon!
4) Brighton Walsh - Quite possibly THE most entertaining and funny #Pitchwars twitter feed alive.
5) Sara Mariah - One of my new writer-horsie-twitter friends!
6) Virginia McClain - Because we bonded over her name and chow-mixes :)
7) and last, but not least, Monica M. Hoffman -- because she is now a mentee and she's also awesome!

Alright, go forth and post and please let me know when you do so that I can read!

---Also, I decided because *technically* I should have 21...I want some for each of my nominations....:-P Sorry, this is just fun.
1) Ashlynn
2) Karen Y Bynum
3) Gareth S. Young

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