Wednesday, October 21, 2015

.....and we're live!!!!

And just like that, the Process Project is reborn!

Check out our new direct link: 

Process Project: Meet Ami Hendrickson


Ami Hendrickson writes books, screenplays, poetry, songs, manuals, and to–do lists that grow faster than Jack’s beanstalk. She also writes for famous horse people. On occasion, she has been so immersed in polishing plot points that she walked out of a store, leaving her purchases behind. She is represented by AKA Literary Management.

She fuels her muse with coffee and Earl Grey tea. While she has a longstanding love affair with chocolate, her obsession with cinnamon red hots borders on the pathological.

In addition to writing, some of Ami’s favorite pastimes involve riding her Percheron, playing with her dogs, teaching writers workshops, smooching her husband or snuggling her daughter during a movie. And eating the aforementioned red hots. There is always room at her table for one more plate; always room in her heart for one more critter. Ami and her family live with their “vast menagerie” on a 100+ year–old farm in southwest Michigan.

[Please note: In the event that science succeeds in creating a working holodeck, Ami will no longer be available to speak at conferences, as she will be… otherwise engaged. You have been warned.]

Click here to read about Ami Hendrickson's writing process!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Writer's Digest Contest - Dear Lucky Agent

Two quick notes!

First, be sure to check out this contest! It is free to enter! Judged by Eric Smith and hosted by Chuck Sambuchino. Read about the Dear Lucky Agent contest here!

Second, the Process Project is back, this Wednesday. Be sure to tune in for a link to the new website reveal and our latest interview with Ami Hendrickson!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Process Project Unveiling... Wednesday Oct 21!

I am so excited to announce that The Process Project is back, with a brand new website of its own and a massive schedule of amazing interviews coming up! Be sure to check back on Wednesday, October 21st at 5pm to see the new website and read my latest interview with the amazing Ami Hendrickson - she has been such a great online friend and I am so excited to share some insight into her writing process with you.

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