Friday, February 19, 2016

So excited, Michelle's book is finally out! My review!

My friend, Michelle Madow, released a new YA Urban Fantasy book back at the end of January. I'm so proud of her for all the hard work she puts into not only writing her books, but marketing, and connecting with her fans. If you're looking to self publish, Michelle is definitely a great role model, as she also found success with her first series, Remembrance, which is now FREE FOREVER on Amazon Kindle!!! You should DEFINITELY hop over there and get your copies today! And then download the first book in her new series while you're at it!

Elementals: The Prophecy of Shadows

My all-time favorite book series is Harry Potter, and I have always loved Greek Mythology, so I was so excited when I saw that this book combined mythology and witches. While this book is told from one girl’s (Nicole), point of view, though there are really five main characters in my eyes: Blake, Danielle, Kate, and Chris. These five are a group of kids that wouldn’t likely be friends at school, but a magical incident that happens one night on a school field trip bonds them together. Together these five are one super-hero team, The Elementals. The main action of the book is a scavenger hunt, which is a neat way to build this world of magic. This first book really helps to lay the groundwork for what I hope is a super fun series to come.

My favorite character in this series is Blake because he feels really well developed through his actions and the things he says to Nicole. He’s her forbidden love interest. Blake and Danielle are going out (even though Blake keeps saying he’s going to break up with her!), but he says he’s drawn to Nicole, just as Nicole is to him. Nicole knows nothing can happen, because she is not the kind of girl who is going to be a party to cheating – well, that, and she doesn’t want bad blood, especially amongst their group who may very well be destined to save the world together. Though I’m hoping there is more to their relationship that will play out in the next couple of books!

What I like about this book is the magic is based in mythology and it’s not really heavy high fantasy, which I tend to get lost in – this is based in our world. It takes place in a regular suburban town in New England, and makes it feel like you could almost have this secret world of magical people in your high school too. I know that people say this is like Percy Jackson, but I’ve never read those books before. If you loved Talia Vance’s BANDIA books, then I think you will like ELEMENTALS. Both are based in mythology (Greek vs Irish), and take place in a regular high school. Also, it made me think about Hercules and there was definitely a moment when I nostalgically started singing “The Gospel Truth” from Disney’s Hercules in my head ;)

If you’re looking for a fast paced urban fantasy book that has to do with prophecies, Greek Gods, witches and magic, then this is the book for you! Looking forward to April to see what's in store for book two!

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HOORAY! Spartagus has a new book out -- The Wolves of Dynamo

I am so proud of and excited for my friend, Gareth Young, aka Spartagus. He has just released a new book! 


Check out all the details below!

By Gareth S. Young

Thirteen-year-old Eileen MacCormick has always called Dynamo City home. Its bustling streets, imposing Cathedral, and enveloping forest fascinate her, giving her solace after the death of her father. But after moving closer to the forest she finds so comforting, she discovers that it hides a dark, magical world.

Eileen's life changes irrevocably when she crosses paths with a murderer who is terrorizing the city. Heartsick, she finds herself drawn back to the forest where an enclave of mysterious wolves reveal themselves to her. Eileen is shocked to learn she can communicate with the wolves and outraged when the ancient animals demand she lure the murderer to the forest.

How can these creatures ask this of her? How can a thirteen-year-old possibly catch a killer?

Bewildered by her role in this new magical world, and by the wolves' extraordinary request, Eileen must battle her sorrow and find courage as she begins the most dangerous and incredible adventure of her life.


Gareth S. Young

Gareth S. Young was born and raised in Scotland, but has now lived for more than 15 years in the American Midwest. This has played havoc with his accent. In 2010, he published his first full length story, a mystery/suspense novel called Monsters In April 2013, his short story "The Orange-headed Serpent" was published in the Orange Karen Anthology. 2015 will see the release of Dynamo City: The Wolves of Dynamo, part one of an audacious YA urban fantasy series. Other upcoming works include Persephone, the much anticipated follow up to Monsters and part two of the Dynamo City saga.

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