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Pimpmybio Pitchwars 2016

Hello, my name is Jacqueline, my friends call me Jackie.

I am going to be submitting Young Adult, Urban Fantasy (Time Travel).

And my Twitter handle is @JacquelineBach

I have literally been looking forward to Pitchwars since last year's mentee reveal ended, and I wasn't in. The goal became fix up the book, and get in for 2016. This year, I'm more confident that I’m finally in the homestretch. After seven long years (seven is supposed to be a lucky number right?), a masters program, and round after round of edits, I think it's soon going to be time to let this baby fly on its own...

Why This Book: 

My mentee bio last year talked mostly about why I wrote my book (you can read that here if you have any interest). The short version? My best friend and I worked on characters/stories/scenes every day for seven years. When she unexpectedly passed from an asthma attack, I continued to write with our characters to keep her alive. My entry is where all of that took me. I have other stories/novels in the works, but this is the one that I *have* to find a way to get published someday, somehow, because THIS is how I am going to honor her memory. Okay, now that that’s out of the way.

To answer the question, yes, I am submitting the same novel as last year. But I’ve had an entire year to reflect and work up a new shiny version. Thanks to some amazing beta readers who gave valuable feedback (including my amazing Critique Partner, Casie, who I met through Pitchwars last year -- seriously guys, if this is your first year, make connections, make friends. Chosen or not, the people you meet in the trenches are awesome, and they will last).

What I Would Love in a Mentor: 

I'm hoping for a fresh set of eyes from someone who has been where I am. 
Someone who knows absolutely nothing about these characters and the world they’re in. 

I want someone who can help me smooth out the remaining kinks. 

I need a harsh cheerleader. 
like love (constructive) criticism and I take it well. I don't think it's possible to go through workshops in the JHU writing program and not learn how to take criticism on your work.

Where I need help

I have a couple of scenes I know need to be punched up, but I'm too inside my head to figure it out on my own. I also need help solidifying the ending (I have two possibilities). This book designed to be a trilogy, but I’m well aware that if you can’t sell book one on its own, there won’t be a two or three, so I need these to be solid.

About Me:

Alright, so now I'll talk about myself, I guess. Mer. 
Horses? Yeah, that sums it up. Okay, just kidding. I have do a pony, more on her in a bit.


I live in Maryland, I also frequently go to our other home at the Jersey Shore.

If you like animals, then I think we will hit it off! I spend most of my non-work/non-writing time on the farm, mucking stalls, playing with/training my horse, and relaxing as I do strenuous farm work :P I'm an animal lover, a vegetarian, and let’s face it, animals tend to be better than people. I also have a dog. I am pretty much a five year old girl at heart - I love Disney princesses and pink and sparkles and rainbows and all things cute and cuddly.....I guess this offsets the very dark things I write....

And while we're at it...

Sooooo, Sierra.... She is pretty much my child...I am in love with her. Owning a horse is one of the most rewarding yet trying experiences, and I would never ever trade it for anything. I learn so much from her, and I hope she learns from me. She's also adorable, the center of many of my tweets, and she has a huge personality.....

I have lots of degrees. I have a BA in English (minor in Theatre), I then went back to school and got an AA in Studio Art, and most recently got an MA in Writing Fiction.

I am the Director of Operations for a property management company. I spend my days managing employees and problem solving whilst making sales calls and helping customers. I do a little bit of everything.

Like I mentioned before, horses. And duh, writing. I have a stack of oil painted still life canvases in my basement from my art years. I've been a member of a jump rope team, a swim team, and a symphony. I take *lots* of pictures. I've done several photoshoots in the last year for people with their horses, as well as general photos for friends and family.

BOOKS: I love the Harry Potter books, and I totally dressed up and went to the midnight movie premieres. My favorite book growing up was From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. My most recent favorite YA read is Looking for AlaskaI'm currently reading City of Bones.

TV: My favorite show of all time is probably How I Met Your Mother. No joke, I still watch this show almost every night before bed. The Office is also really good. LOST, however, is the best show ever made, fyi, The O.C. was also really good, so was House. A few of my current shows are Veep, Once Upon A Time, Quantico, Pretty Little Liars...I'll add more here as I think of them. 

MOVIES: I like comedies and happy feel-good movies.... in our world today, if I'm going to invest two hours in front of the TV, I want to feel happy when I walk away: Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Zoolander, Mean Girls, Step Brothers, 50 First Dates, basically anything cute that will make me laugh out loud. I also like Titanic and Inception :P

MUSIC: Older things. The Beatles. Stones. Aerosmith. QUEEN. I also love the All American Rejects (I've met Tyson Ritter four times!), Taylor Swift, Gavin Degraw, and Keith Urban. My favorite songs of the moment is Uptown Funk and this video makes me so happy:

If you want to know something else, let me know in the comments and I will add it up here :)


For all intents and purposes, my bio ends....


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Sierra says thank you for reading.



And I've been debating about talking about the book or not, so for anyone who wants to hear about that as well, I'll end with some info about that....

So the book itself: it’s YA, the title is currently THE SANDS, but I’m always open to changing that. That was actually a stand-in title for my thesis (I used Part I as my MA Thesis at Johns Hopkins). It’s about a half brother and sister (Tim and Daisy) whose father is murdered when they are ages two and three. Fifteen years later, they find the means for time travel (magical sands), and they decide to go back in time to kill their father’s murderer. Anyone who knows these teens would laugh at that idea -- they’re both responsible teens that make good life choices, what makes them think they could commit murder? Little do they know that going back in time and spending time around their parents’ circle in 2005 will change everything. The story involves magic but the heart of it is really character relationships. So, while it would be considered “Urban Fantasy” or "Contemporary Fantasy" since there are things like underwater battle scenes, and magic sand that will give you powers like time travel, healing, or invisibility, there’s a lot more focus on family drama, grief, crushes, insecurities, and other more real-life teen stuff you would find in a contemporary YA.


  1. Underwater battles! I like the character relationships with a touch of magic, Jacqueline. Good luck in PWs!

  2. Good luck with PitchWars! Very cool premise!


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